women in costumes cheers

Who We Are

Established in 2010 KQAR is an all female Krewe with over 200 active members. We participate in the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla’s Children’s Parade and Day Parade, Knights of Sant Yago Knight Parade and Rough Rider’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. You can always spot our Annie’s with their brightly colored costumes and tropical island flair. Our motif is a sparkly fleur de lis – a stunning tribute to our island.


The fleet of KQAR illustrates our legendary tale:

We begin in the Caribbean, just off the coast of St Fleur de Lis Island where the pink Queen Anne Revenge now lies as a shipwreck amongst a beautiful coral reef surrounded by bright exotic fish and sea life. With a careful eye you might spot Captain Blackbeard’s treasure chest gifted to the Annies. Nearing the island, teal blue waters crashes upon huge granite boulders. Atop of which the KQAR’s grand fortress rests. Our sandy white beaches, wrap around skull rock whose intimidating and fiery orange eyes guard the Annie’s paradise from any unwanted visitors. More serious affairs are met by two impressive cannons, brandished by our second float. Upon safe entry into the heart of the island you are greeted by tropical birds mounting lush green palm trees. This oasis is covered in bright colorful flowers. Sugar is the cash crop within our beautiful island paradise. With our surplus of sugar we are able to process and stock large amounts of Rum to help entertain our pirate guest. A cold libation is always ready for you at the Sugar Mill along with two magnificent glittering purple monarch butterflies, who stay for the sugar. But beware a lot of monkey business goes on here too. We look forward with great anticipation for the opportunity to entertain all the Krewes of Gasparilla so that they too can experience our island hospitality where our motto is “Better than Rum and Gun Powder”.


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