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Who We Are

Established in 2010 KQAR is an all female Krewe with over 200 active members. We participate in the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla’s Children’s Parade and Day Parade, Knights of Sant Yago Knight Parade and Rough Rider’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. You can always spot our Annie’s with their brightly colored costumes and tropical island flair. Our motif is a sparkly fleur de lis – a stunning tribute to our island.


Our fleet showcases our legendary tale:

We begin with the blue waters of the Caribbean filled with exotic sea life and coral reefs.  Waves crash upon the light house that warns other pirates of KQAR’s fortress built on top of massive granite boulders.  Our beach is protected by two impressive cannons. Once on the island you are greeted by two magnificent Monarch butterflies, tropical birds high in the palm trees, and colorful island flowers that covered our plantation home.  Beware of Pepe Blackbeard 306 year old parrot who’s perched in front of the plantation house.  He is very good at tweeting deadman tales. Your path now takes you into the islands jungle where you come face to face with Mr. Big and his cannons.  Our fierce but friendly Gorilla who stands tall to ward off unwanted visitors!  As you may know sugar was the most important crop throughout the Caribbean.  Because of our significant production of sugar we are able to process and stock large amounts of Rum for entertaining our pirate quest.  A cold libation is always ready for you at the Sugar Mill but beware a lot of monkey business goes on here. We look forward with great anticipation for the opportunity to entertain all the Krewes of Gasparilla so that they too can experience our island hospitality where our motto is “Better than Rum and Gun Powder” 
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