Frequently asked questions about the Krewe of Queen Annes Revenge.


Do you love KQAR so much that you want to recruit all your amazing women friends and family to join as well?? Here is all you need to know:
  1. To be a sponsor you must be an active member for at least 2 years and in good standing with the Krewe (See FAQ page as to what ‘good standing’ means)
  2. You must know the PNA well enough to want to put your reputation on the line. 
  3. You have to be willing to commit to help the new Annie through their entire first year. Don’t leave an Annie hanging!
  4. The list of qualifications for PNAs can be found here: [insert pdf link]
  5. Keep an eye on the KQAR newsletter sent via email and the Member’s Only FB page so you know when you can submit completed applications. 
  6. Have a (step) sister, (step) Mom, or (step) daughter?? If they decide to join they are known as a legacy. See FAQ for more information. 
Follow these easy steps to update your Name, Contact Number, Address or Email:
1. Login to member only page
2. [need to know how to do the rest]
All material combinations must be approved before you have a costume made. Follow these easy steps for approval:
1. Collect the various materials 
a. Jacket silk – handmade Dupioni only can be found here [insert link to silk baron]
b. Jacket liner – cotton recommended in a bold, fun pattern
c. Jacket trim
d. Corset lace
e. Skirt material – think comfort!
2. Put your materials together all in one picture like the sample below [insert picture from fb group page that has each lsited].
3. Text to Jolie at [number] or email to
4. Give a couple days for approval!! While we all know Jolie is a mastermind and has the ability to remember practically every single costume, the girl needs to sometimes refer to her master binder!!
Once you have approval make sure you communicate with Lora when you can drop it all off.
For ease of reference (cause we get asked a lot too) a cheat sheet for generally how much of each material is needed is below.


First of all – shame on you! 
Secondly – OK, you are forgiven, this time. We gave you a LOT of information that night and we get it – you were excited. SO ARE WE! We want your first year of being a member of this amazing Krewe to set the bar for all future years. 
Make sure you refer to your New Annie packet and any notes you wrote on it. Still worried you are missing something?
Here are those documents so you can review everything again: [link]


Recommended amounts:
Gasparilla Parade: 30 dozen, or more if your child is older. Believe me – they will go through them quick.  
Day Parade: 30-40 dozen
Knight Parade: 10-15 dozen plus any cool light ups
St. Patty’s Parade: 10-15 dozen plus any cool light ups


It changes every year! Look for information posted on our Group Facebook Page the week leading up to the parade. 


What Our MEMBERS say

kqar brand stamp

Such a fantastic group of women of all ages that are supportive of each other and love to have fun while giving back to the community.

Deborah S.

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Joining KQAR has given me the opportunity to rekindle childhood friendships and build new ones. It is a sisterhood of strong female women that I cherish,

KQAR Member

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