Board Of Directors

  • Jolie Migliara
    Jolie Migliara President

    Green Annies
    President & founding member of KQAR
    • Pictured here with her sister Peni
    •  Rides Harley’s
    •  Can hack any recipe to find the secret ingredient
    •  Went to school in Italy
    •  Knows diamonds inside and out (check out her Christmas countdown on FB!)
    •  Costume extraordinaire

  • Linda Cone
    Linda Cone Director of Design

    Pink Annies
    Director of Design & founding member of KQAR
    • Gasparilla has been a Cone family tradition for 4 generations – guys in YMCG & girls in KQAR
    • Pictured is her twin sister, Lauri who lives in TX and good friend Barbie lives in Charleston.
    • All three hubby’s do security for KQAR.
    • Has 2 daughters in the Krewe – Carlee & Chelsea.
    • Member of KQAR since inception.

  • Grace Altieri
    Grace Altieri Director of Finance

    Teal Annies
    Director of Finance
    • Married to husband AJ for 26 years
    • An avid roller skater
    • Has been a paralegal for the last 32 years
    • Original member of KQAR
    • Enjoys traveling and recently climbed Machu Picchu
    • Favorite musicians include Prince and Mana

  • Nicole Polsky
    Nicole Polsky Director of Secretary

    Director of Secretary
    • Married to Ethan for 16 years with two kids Charlie (7) and Emmy (5).
    • Worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 17 years and is now is a stay-at-home-mom.
    • She is a SPIN instructor at Ryde for Life Westchase
    • Enjoys the beach & traveling
    • Member of KQAR since 2013

  • Amanda McDermott
    Amanda McDermott Director of Bylaws, Standards & Compliance

    Blue Annies
    Director of Bylaws, Standards & Compliance
    • Went to University of Florida for undergrad & law school.
    • Member of KQAR since the inception of the Krewe.
    • Born & raised in Tampa – has been participating in Gasparilla since a child
    • Enjoys skiing and other winter sports

  • Brittany Durant
    Brittany Durant Director of Communications & Membership

    Coral Annies
    Director of Communications & Membership
    • Joined KQAR in 2012
    • She is a nurse works in research with robotic exoskeletons.
    • Former Army Brat but Tampa is the only place she calls home.
    • The Krewe has provided her a greater connection to Tampa.
    • Was originally a Pink Annie but changed to Coral when became a Board Member.

  • Cortney Carpenter
    Cortney Carpenter Director of Charity & New Member Ambassador

    Orange Annies
    Director of Charity & New Member Ambassador
    • Joined KQAR in 2015.
    • Married to husband Ryan and is a proud Dog Mom to a rescued furbaby named Piggy.
    • Works in Administration at a law firm in Ybor City.
    • Graduate of University of South Florida c/o ’07
    • Born in MN but moved to Tampa at 4 months old.
    • Happiest when she is cooking or crafting

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