In The Beginning

We are the French Caribbean women of the West Indies, Island of St. Fleur de Lis. Our members are lovingly referred to as “Annies”.

Legends tells of Blackbeard sailing in the Caribbean waters on his flagship “Queen Anne’s Revenge”.

He spent many days and nights enjoying the cool breezes and intoxicating libations of the island hosted by Annies. Blackbeard left us to fight his final battle off the coast of South Carolina when leaving, he gave us his pirate’s code that he would navigate his way back to us soon. While most say he is dead, the Annies say his spirit lives on through their libations, lavish lifestyles, and legacies.

After being involved in “Krewe Life” for many years, collectively, we had the knowledge and the foresight of what type of organization we all would want to be a part of. We all wanted something that we could share and eventually pass on to our legacies.

KQAR was established in January of 2010 when seven south Tampa women decided it was time to break away from the pack and start their own krewe dedicated to Libations, Lustiness and Legacy.

We currently participate in the Gasparilla Children’s Parade, Gasparilla Day Parade, Saint Yago Knight Parade and the Rough Riders St. Patrick’s Parade.

From Our Members


  • Cortney Carpenter
    Cortney Carpenter Director of Charity & New Member Ambassador

    Orange Annies
    Director of Charity & New Member Ambassador
    • Joined KQAR in 2015.
    • Married to husband Ryan and is a proud Dog Mom to a rescued furbaby named Piggy.
    • Works in Administration at a law firm in Ybor City.
    • Graduate of University of South Florida c/o ’07
    • Born in MN but moved to Tampa at 4 months old.
    • Happiest when she is cooking or crafting

  • Brittany Durant
    Brittany Durant Director of Communications & Membership

    Coral Annies
    Director of Communications & Membership
    • Joined KQAR in 2012
    • She is a nurse works in research with robotic exoskeletons.
    • Former Army Brat but Tampa is the only place she calls home.
    • The Krewe has provided her a greater connection to Tampa.
    • Was originally a Pink Annie but changed to Coral when became a Board Member.

  • Amanda McDermott
    Amanda McDermott Director of Bylaws, Standards & Compliance

    Blue Annies
    Director of Bylaws, Standards & Compliance
    • Went to University of Florida for undergrad & law school.
    • Member of KQAR since the inception of the Krewe.
    • Born & raised in Tampa – has been participating in Gasparilla since a child
    • Enjoys skiing and other winter sports

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